Udaipur: Sewage Overflow Contaminates Swaroop Sagar Lake

Udaipur: Sewage Overflow Contaminates Swaroop Sagar Lake

Poses health risks...

swaroop sagar

In a concerning issue, Swaroop Sagar Lake in Udaipur is facing contamination due to sewage overflow from a newly installed sewer line. The overflow, occurring daily, is causing sewage to enter the lake, altering its water quality.

Tejashankar Paliwal, a former member of the Lake Development Authority, reported a significant overflow near the new bridge on Sunday, March 3, 2024. As a result, the water in the lake has changed colour, indicating contamination.

The contaminated water, containing harmful substances, is being supplied to residents for drinking purposes, raising concerns about waterborne diseases. Additionally, the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water is causing discomfort and restlessness among aquatic organisms, worsening water pollution.

Municipal Corporation engineer Mukesh Pujari has been informed about the situation, highlighting the urgent need for action to address the contamination and prevent further health risks to the community.  

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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