Sewer Blockage Risk: Majority of Udaipur's Wall City Hotels Lack Oil-Grease Chambers

Sewer Blockage Risk: Majority of Udaipur's Wall City Hotels Lack Oil-Grease Chambers

Smart City Project Delays: Sewer Line Clogging Plagues City 

Wallcity Hotels Chambers

The issue of sewer lines getting clogged has become a pressing concern in the city, even before the completion of the Smart City project. The primary reason behind this problem is the failure of most hotel operators in Wall City to install oil and grease chambers, despite receiving continuous notices over the past two years. Consequently, kitchen waste from these hotels is flowing into the sewer lines, leading to blockages.

Records from the Smart City project reveal that the Walled City area comprises 15 wards, with a total of 111 operating hotels and over 400 establishments in operation. While all hotels are equipped with kitchens, operators are mandated to install oil and grease chambers to prevent premature clogging of sewer lines. Despite municipal corporation notices and fines issued over the past two years, only 20 hotel operators have complied with this requirement.

In addition to the challenges posed by hotel operations, the general public's lack of awareness and participation in cleanliness efforts exacerbates the situation. Although separate chambers have been constructed for kitchen waste from households, it remains the responsibility of local residents to ensure their cleanliness. However, a lack of awareness and information hampers public engagement in this regard.

Previously, a committee led by Former District Collector of Udaipur Chetan Ram Deora was established for the regular monitoring of hotels. This committee, comprising officials from various departments including the Pollution Control Board, Municipal Corporation, UIT, and Smart City project, was tasked with conducting inspections and enforcing regulations. However, following Devda's transfer, the committee has ceased its activities, leaving a gap in hotel oversight and waste management efforts.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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