Sewerage water in Bagore ki Haveli

Sewerage water in Bagore ki Haveli

Once again the path leading to the museum is blocked by sewerage water.
Sewerage water in Bagore ki Haveli
The issue of sewerage water needs to be sorted out at the earliest as the stench is keeping the poeple away from the Haveli.

Bagore ki Haveli is in deep trouble. The issue of sewerage water in the premises of the haveli needs to be tackled at the earliest as the stench is making it impossible for the staff and the visitors to enter the city's prominent tourist spot. 

Sewerage water is constantly oozing out from the cemented tiles on the ground. As informed the entire sewerage chamber of the area is under the haveli and now there is some kind of blockage that is forcing the water to rush outside and into the premise. 

For the ease of entrance into the haveli, wooden benches have been kept so that people can step onto them and enter the museum area. The stench is unbearable and today tourists were seen covering their noses to prevent discomfort. 

Everytime someone steps onto the cemented tile floor, water oozes out of the floor and there are many such areas in this premise where people can be seen relaxing in the sun during winter season. A Gujarati art exhibition is going on here and the team members said that it has become impossible for them to stay indoors as well as the stench has spread everywhere.  

A few days back, some tourists fell as the slime inside had become over slippery. Bagore ki Haveli is known for its museum and the cultural evenings that are conducted inside the haveli. But if the sewerage water issue is not tackled, it is likely to be deserted soon. 

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