Udaipur might face water crisis in future

Udaipur might face water crisis in future

Urgent measures needed to ensure sustainable supply...

Udaipur Water

Udaipur is on the verge of a water crisis. Despite the city's expansion, the water supply has remained stagnant over the past three years. Currently, Udaipur receives 102 lakh liters of water daily, a situation unchanged since three years ago. The city is facing a shortage of water because, in the last 10 years, no new water sources have been developed, and the capacity of water filters hasn't been increased.

Despite the city needing 152 MLD of water daily according to its population, no new filter plants have been built since 2017. 

The government, water department, local authorities, and representatives aren't addressing the issue of boosting water supply in the city adequately. They are considering the third and fourth phases of the Devaas Project as potential future water sources, but these projects are still in the planning phase and will take several years to materialize. As a result, Udaipur is facing challenges in meeting the increasing water demands of the city.

Efforts to double the water supply capacity from Jaisamand by altering the pipeline are being consistently opposed, resulting in no advancements. There is optimism about having more water from Jaisamand by this year's summer, but the considerable delay raises concerns about it not being available in time for the upcoming summer season. Constructing separate filter plants will also be required to handle the increased water from Jaisamand.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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