Signboards and maps will enhance Udaipur streets

Signboards and maps will enhance Udaipur streets 

Tourists will gain location insights...


Udaipur City

Udaipur, a popular tourist destination, attracts a significant number of visitors each month. In 2023, Udaipur experienced an unprecedented influx of tourists, with many arriving for various occasions. Some were here to partake in festival celebrations, while others were on a city tour. With December underway, the city is abuzz with preparations for Christmas and New Year festivities, drawing even more tourists.

Despite the vibrant atmosphere, navigating the city has become challenging for visitors due to the absence of proper signboards on the roads. The lack of clear directions hampers tourists ability to reach their desired destinations easily.

Efforts to enhance the city's infrastructure and signage system could significantly improve the overall tourist experience. Clear and visible signboards would not only guide visitors to popular attractions.

Currently, there is an ongoing initiative to install signboards and maps along the city's roads, aimed at alleviating confusion among tourists trying to reach their destinations. Recognizing the challenges faced by the public, the Municipal Corporation Udaipur has taken proactive measures by assigning this project to various officials. In the near future, every street in the city is expected to be equipped with improved signage and road maps, ensuring a more navigable and visitor-friendly environment. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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