Smart City projects brings traffic jams and pollution in Udaipur

Smart City projects brings traffic jams and pollution in Udaipur

Despite this Udaipur has received prestigious awards and titles from worldwide

Udaipur City Poor Quality Roads

Udaipur, set out on a transformative path towards becoming a Smart City back in 2016. As it pursued its vision of advancement, the city encountered a spectrum of challenges, reshaped its environment, and ushered in a mix of opportunities and disruptions for its inhabitants. The Smart City initiatives, designed to revamp infrastructure, elevate services, and elevate the quality of life for both residents and tourists, held the potential for a more efficient and sustainable Udaipur. However, the sluggish pace at which these projects have been implemented has cast a considerable shadow on the city's essence. The gradual progress has given rise to traffic disturbances, overcrowded public areas, and sanitation challenges. 

"The city's increasing population, combined with the influx of tourists, has led to congestion in various areas. Traffic snarls have become a common sight due to ongoing construction and road repairs. The overpopulation of popular tourist spots has added to the challenge, resulting in crowded and sometimes chaotic environments. Dinesh Paliwal, a tourist guide. Political parties and politicians in power should ensure that development projects get completed in a time-bound manner, with least inconvenience to the common man." - Dinesh Paliwal, a tourist guide.

Shahid Ahmed, a Udaipur resident living in an upscale neighborhood, voiced concerns about the challenges hindering the execution of waste management efforts, particularly the doorstep garbage collection services.

"Though a system exists, many areas in Udaipur remain dirty, with garbage disposal and management presenting a persisting problem. The inefficiency in waste collection and the lack of adherence to cleanliness standards in some parts of the city have impacted its overall aesthetic and hygienic conditions," said Ahmed.

The ongoing road excavation for numerous projects has compounded the city's traffic problems, inconveniencing commuters and disrupting Udaipur's overall operational efficiency. These factors, when combined, have exerted a collective influence on the city's cleanliness rankings, resulting in a decline from its previous standings in recent years. In the face of these obstacles, Udaipur has received a series of prestigious international awards and titles, acknowledging the city's exceptional dedication to heritage preservation, tourism promotion, and the conservation of its rich cultural legacy. 

Source: Times Of India


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