Stay indoors, do not take the risk of moving out

Stay indoors, do not take the risk of moving out

You can walk later when the virus spares you.
Stay indoors, do not take the risk of moving out
Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai-Be alert.

It is a high risk time with the virus spreading and affecting people and since it is contagious, it is recommended that people stay indoors all the time. Move out of the house only if extremely necessary. 

PM Modi has requested the entire nation to stay indoors because the chain of the spreading of this virus needs to be broken. The only way to stop this virus from spreading is to break the chain reaction. And what can be more apt than staying inside the house?

The trouble here is that some people are not understanding this fact. Many people are still moving out for their morning walks, many are on their post dinner walk schedule. And it has also been noted that these people do not wear masks and are risking the lives of others along with their own.

A walk can prove to be risky but people seem to be more than health consciuos. A post dinner walk might help in digesting your food, but if you get affected by this deadly virus, everything is gone.

Please be aware that staying indoors is the only cure as of now to break this virus chain. If you do not take care and still feel that walking can activate your blood cells to such a fantastic circultaion that it would kill the virus or stop the virus from attacking you, YOU ARE WRONG.
Life does not stop with a month's curfew, instead it can be saved.

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