Stone-hearted father abandons neonate daughter

Stone-hearted father abandons neonate daughter

Heartless father abandons neonate daughter.

Stone-hearted father abandons neonate daughter

On one hand where we are celebrating the Navratri season and even worshipping the goddesses and the little girls, there on the other hand a heartless father gave up his one and half month old daughter and the poor mother kept on searching for her little one.

This man quietly picked up the neonate when the mother was not around and dropped her in the cradle at MB Hospital. When the mother didn’t find her baby anywhere and even the husband was missing, she called him up but he didn’t pick up her calls. Then finally when he answered the call, she asked him about the little girl. The husband tried to brush away the topic but when the wife threatened to kill herself, he revealed that he had left her in the cradle at the hospital. The woman rushed to get her baby back. The baby was not immediately handed over to the mother but the procedure will be carried out today.

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As informed by the CWC member BK Gupta, the woman told him that she had given birth to this child around 1 and half month back. She already has a daughter who is around 5 years old. Her husband picked up fights after the second daughter was born. On Sunday midnight, the husband picked up the neonate and left from home. When she found them missing, she called up on the husband’s phone but he didn’t answer her calls. Finally when he did and she threatened him, the story was revealed. Police is trying to trace the husband now who is absconding. His phone is also switched off.

When the woman saw the baby in the hospital, she kept on crying and showering her love on the child. The people around watching also couldn’t stop their tears.

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