Safety concerns rise in Udaipur as groups of Dogs target children, pedestrians, and vehicle passengers daily

Safety concerns rise in Udaipur as groups of Dogs target children, pedestrians, and vehicle passengers daily

Rising street dog threats in the city

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The city is currently grappling with an escalating issue of street dog threats. Groups of street dogs have been observed attacking not only small children and pedestrians but also individuals on vehicles. Hospital records show a concerning trend, with a growing number of cases related to street dog attacks. In the past month alone, 296 individuals sought medical treatment after being bitten by street dogs. This figure has surged to over 700 over the span of the last six months, highlighting an alarming average of 8 to 9 daily incidents involving street dog attacks. These incidents encompass both stray and pet dogs.

A recent incident brought to light the severity of the situation. In the Maddi area, a four-year-old child named Siddharth Sharma, residing on Laxminagar's Road No. 4, was faced with a life-threatening situation. While playing outside his home, a group of 8 to 10 dogs pounced on him, causing immediate distress. Despite the efforts of family members and locals who rushed to the child's aid, the dogs managed to inflict bites on his hands and feet before he was rescued. During the chaos, the child fell on a stone, leading to a head injury that required five stitches. The traumatic experience left the child so terrified that he was reluctant to venture outside, even in the company of his family members.

Previously, in Savina Barkat Colony, a dog had attacked Abdul Rauf's daughter, Mantasha, causing bites and scratches on several parts of her body. This frightening incident left the girl so frightened that she became reluctant to step out of her house due to the overwhelming fear instilled by the dog attack.

The city's 70 wards currently house an estimated population of 5,000 to 6,000 dogs, with their numbers on a consistent upward trajectory. Regrettably, the municipal corporation lacks accurate statistics on this matter, and even the count of pet dogs remains unavailable. The impact of this issue is most pronounced in localities such as Savina, Govardhan Vilas, Surajpole, Anjuman, Hathipole, Ambamata, Ashok Nagar, and Maddi Road. Numerous complaints have been lodged with the corporation, urging them to address the situation by capturing these dogs. However, the corporation's response has been sluggish, influenced by the concerns of dog enthusiasts, which has hindered prompt action.

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