Street vendor issue and event of fire at Gulab bagh

Street vendor issue and event of fire at Gulab bagh

Issues of fire and street vendors at Gulab Bagh.

Street vendor issue and event of fire at Gulab bagh

The city’s main garden of roses is in news again. Fire and street vendors are the major issues in and around this beautiful garden.


On Tuesday, an incident of fire created a lot of commotion as smoke caused difficulty in breathing to all the people in and around the garden. Heaps of dry leaves are being burnt in the garden for the past 2 days. Fire spread to such a great extent on Tuesday that fire brigade had to be called to take control of the situation. It was not just humans who suffered because of excessive heat and smoke due to fire, birds, too, suffered a lot.

Every morning and evening, public goes to Gulab Bagh for their routine walks. The last 2 days were troublesome for everyone as smoke was spreading everywhere due to fast blowing winds as leaves were being burnt towards Samor Bagh side. On Tuesday, leaves were burnt behind Sagasji Bavji Temple and winds made it worse. People had to call fire brigade to avoid mishap. Ignoring this, leaves were burnt again near the welfare centre.

Public claims that cleaners burn leaves daily but no safety measures are followed. There are dry leaves in the entire garden and even a small spark can cause disaster since wind is blowing at great speed these days. Some of the trees have also dried up because of growing heat.

Street vendors

Municipal Corporation removed all street vendors who were settled near the wall that goes towards Kala ji Gora ji area from Gulab Bagh main road. Nets will be installed on this route and plants will be placed here. Even the walls are being painted for beautification.

Street vendor issue and event of fire at Gulab bagh

Street vendors have opposed this act of Municipal Corporation. They have been given place in the lanes near Green view Hotel and PWD office. Reportedly, all street vendors suffered losses since they were removed from their areas where they were established since long. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among street vendors regarding town vending policy of Municipal Corporation.

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