In this Udaipur's village kids cross river to reach school

In this Udaipur's village kids cross river to reach school

Old bridge got damaged in 2006

Students crossing river at Jhadol
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Locals demad new bridge in the area 

Udaipur,03.08.23 - Children at the Amarpura village of the Bhadrana Gram Panchayat of Jhadol Thesil of Rajasthan located around 70 kilometers away from Udaipur has to cross a river every day to reach their school.

In a viral video of the area a group of children clad in blue uniforms and bags on their shoulders can be seen crossing the Mansi River in a bid to reach their school situated on the other side of it. 

The parents said that this is the only way for the children to reach to the school as there is no bridge in the area to cross the river and the old bridge was completely broken and not in a situation that one could step on it.

Following that many of the parents make their children sit on their shoulders to cross the river every day and many of them do not send their kids to school fearing something untoward would happen to them while crossing the river especially during monsoon when the river gets flooded. 

The locals has also urged the the administration to built a bridge considering the safety of the students.

According to the locals there was a bridge in the area it was damaged during the flood of 2006. Every year the traffic of area got stuck when the Mansi river over flows during such  a situation the villagers has to risk their lives to reach on the other side of the village by crossing the over flowing river. And so as the situation with the minor students of the Gogla Senior Secondary School. 

Apart from that the situation turns more worse when anyone fell ill and has to be rushed to the hospital which is located in the other part of the village , he has to be transported to the hospital by his relatives by crossing the river too as they were not left with any other alternative. As per the locals there is another way to reach on the other side of the river but for that one has travel 8- 10 kilometers crossing the hillocks of the area.

One of the local from the area by expressing concern over the daily transportation ordeal said that a bridge was constructed in the area 14 years back to connect the Amarpura village of Jhadol with the Head Quarter but it got damaged during flood that occurred in 2006. Since than the bridge was lying in the same situation and nothing has been done in this regard over the years despite the continuous demands of the locals to built either a new bridge or to repair the old one.

He further said that more than 50-60 people including 20 - 30 students has to risk their lives by crossing the Mansi river every day to reach to their destinations.

Aggrieved over the situation the locals blames the administration and the public representatives of the area by saying that they only want their votes and once they got the positions they never look back.

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