Temperature falls again due to cold waves

Temperature falls again due to cold waves

Minimum temperature was at 8.9 degrees on Tuesday
Temperature falls again due to cold waves
Cold waves can once again be felt and the masses are feeling the shivers all over again.

The temperature has gone down once more. People are feeling the shivers as cold waves have hit the city in a full fledged way.

On Tuesday the minimum temperature recorded was 8.9 degrees witnessing a drop of 4.7 degrees as compared to Monday. The maximum temperature was 20.2 degrees as compared to that of 26.8 on Monday. 

Changes in temperature are being felt every alternate day. One day is comfortable and the next day gets colder again. Cold waves are creating trouble with health as well. 

As informed by the health experts, people are suffering from cold, allergies, pneumonia, respiratory infections and various other health issues because of such contrast in tempertaures. Public needs to be alert with their diet to face this climate and consume more of food that helps in fighting drastic winters. 

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