Temperature falls again

Temperature falls again 

The cold waves are in full swing.
Temperature falls again
Minimum temperature recorded on Monday was 4.9 degrees.

Winter is showing its extreme effect once agin. Cold waves are in full swing forcing the masses to stay indoors. 

The roads seem almost empty as the cold waves are forcing the people to find comfort in the hot air blowers and blankets. Though the sun is shining bright, the cold air seems extremely chilling when outdoors, especially for those who move out on 2-wheelers. 

Temperature has fallen all over again. A drop of 3.9 degrees was recorded on Monday and the minimum temperture was at 4.9 as compared to that of 8.8 degrees on Sunday. The maximum temperature was stable at 21.8 degrees. 

The city did not have its regular hustle and bustle due to cold. Masses preffered to be in the comforts of their homes and there was extremely less traffic both in the morning and evening. 

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