The markets go short of masks and hand sanitizers.

The markets go short of masks and hand sanitizers.

Coronavirus fear has created a shortage of masks and sanitizers. 
The markets go short of masks and hand sanitizers.
History has been created by the fatal coronavirus. 

Coronavirus fever has taken its toll on everyone. The issue is that of keeping oneself safe. With the virus spreading its wings fast, people are now resorting to all the possible ways and means to keep themselves and the families safe. 

Since the virus is quite contagious, news is being rolled about maintaining safety via masks and hand sanitizers. The trouble that has arisen out of this is that the over-demand of masks and sanitizers has also created a shrotage and every now and then the shops are forced to return the customers. Some of the shopkeepers and the chemists informed that even the wholesalers are short of the supplies. It has also been informed by public that the masks are being sold at a much heavier price because of the increase in demand and shortage of supplies. 

The bigger brands of sanitizers have almost disappeared from the market. Sanitizers that had 30 percent of alcohol content were a bit cheaper but are available at a very few shops. The ones that have 70 percent alcohol content are being sold at 150 rupees per 100 ml. and 400 rupees per 500 ml. 

The 3-layered masks that were usually available for 5 to 6 rupees are now priced at 20 rupees each, but even these are hardly available these days. The fear of this deadly coronavirus is such that everyone wants to buy a packet full of masks, hence the shortage. The N-95 masks which are considered mandatory for the doctors and the hospital staff are also not available, and if available at all they are priced at 250 to 300 rupees each. Never did the market see such shortage of masks and sanitizers but the fear of coronavirus has created a history.

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