The New Delhi Gate - A Vision pioneered by Architects of Udaipur for the people of Udaipur

The New Delhi Gate - A Vision pioneered by Architects of Udaipur for the people of Udaipur

Delhi Gate's unique traffic solution will set an example not just for Udaipur, but for more such cities where walled city congestion has become a major hurdle to development and traffic movement
The New Delhi Gate - A Vision pioneered by Architects of Udaipur for the people of Udaipur
  • Architects concur that Underpasses in congested traffic zones are a far better option than flyovers.
  • Underpasses will ensure that the existing businesses are not disturbed
  • Beautification of the Underpasses with a Fusion of Modern with Traditional
  • Traffic Lanes will be categorized and secure pedestrian movement will be established

Subsequent to Udaipur administration reviewing multiple options towards decongesting the roads of City of Lakes, a solution finally seems to be in place as far as Delhi Gate chauraha is concerned.

Delhi Gate Chauraha is by far the most congested of all locations across Udaipur.  Being at the heart of the city merging the walled city premises with the extended town, Delhi Gate sees immense congestion, be it day time or night.

Artists Impression - DELHI GATE CONGESTION

However, subsequent to a review by experts and suggestion flowing in, the administration has zeroed in on what could be a model approach, which seems to look like a fair chance to solve the traffic congestion and make traffic movement smooth.

Artists Impression - View from Collectorate Road side

A joint meeting of all departments under the city administration was held on Wednesday this week. Technical experts, which included renowned architects from the city, suggested that instead of deliberating on the previously disapproved fly-over option, the feasibility of underpasses in the congested areas be ascertained.

Accordingly, technical drawings submitted by architects suggested an underpass from Baans wali Gali, which is the arterial road joining Guru Nanak School road to Town Hall road, adjacent to Shakti Nagar road.

Artitsts Impression - BANS WALI GALI UNDERPASS

UdaipurTimes took an initiative to discuss the suggested model with the architect community in Udaipur.  Members of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) Udaipur Chapter were of the opinion that once implemented, this approach will lead to smooth movement of traffic and decongest the area significantly.

The underpass beginning from Baans wali Gali will directly enter Bapu Bazaar. Vehicles moving in from Shastri Circle and those coming in from the Collectorate road will enter the Underpass at Baans wali Gali and proceed towards Bapu Bazar.  Vehicles needing to proceed to Town Hall road or Ashwani Bazar will take the service road on either side of the underpass.  Technically speaking, the underpass zone will need substantial expansion of the width of Baans wali Gali.

A member of the IIA UDAIPUR Chapter,  a leading architect from Udaipur, who also pioneered this approach, said that the Underpass and all subsequent such models should be aesthetically pleasing and should serve as a tourist gallery rather than just being  a means of commuting.  A gallery worth visiting and a tourist attraction per se. He added that the construction and design of the structure should reflect a fusion of traditional and modern architecture.
He further added that Delhi Gate, in spite of being the hub of activity, there are no categorization of traffic lanes, no importance to pedestrian movement, no setbacks of buildings directly opening to the road and no diligent spaces for auto rickshaws and absence of a bus stand. These are main causes of congestion in the area.
Another reason for the area being congested, not just with traffic, but also with people, he added, is that there is no acquired area for parking, presence on shops on the road causing stagnant pedestrian movement and invasion of the road by vendors.

In the meeting held under chair of Secretary UIT, it was agreed to study the feasibility of this suggestion as well as take citizen participation in the project and come to a mutually perceptible conclusion.

Participants highlighted the Delhi Gate area as the pain point vis-à-vis traffic congestion. Delhi Gate area comprises of Town Hall, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Dhanmandi, Ashwani Bazaar, Baans wali Gali and Court Chauraha. The road leading to Delhi Gate chauraha ensure that the roundabout is blocked most parts of the day, with queues as long as 250 meters at times.

Hasija informed the participating members that the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, in his budget presentation earlier in July this year, had approved Rs 50 Crore towards solution to the traffic problems of Udaipur.


Artitsts Impression - Underpass at the Entry Point to Bapu Bazar
Artitsts Impression - Birds Eye View of Unrestricted Traffic around Delhi Gate
Artitsts Impression - Underpass Entry Exit around Delhi Gate - Town Hall Rd
Artitsts Impression - Unrestricted Traffic Movement Delhi Gate - Town Hall Rd
Artitsts Impression - Suggested Underpass into Bapu Bazar - Surajpol End
Artitsts Impression - New Look Bapu Bazar Mall Road | THE WALKWAY

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