Thefts in a night-Terror of thieves

Thefts in a night-Terror of thieves

Thieves are active on winter nights.

Thefts in a night-Terror of thieves

Thefts in a night-Terror of thievesOne night and many thefts…seems like the terror of thieves is a never ending story. Friday night was the night of thieves. From urban to rural areas…all suffered thefts. 3 shops and 4 residential buildings became victims of thieves in Madri and Kanpur areas of Udaipur.

Lots of valuables were taken away by thieves. 3 shops in Madri which falls under Pratapnagar were looted by thieves. One of the shops looted on Friday night suffered a theft even in November. All these shops are in front of Reliance Computech in Madri. Cash and other valuable stuff were taken away from one of these shops.

A grocery shop owner reported that he closed his shop at 9 p.m. on Friday. When he went to the shop the next morning, he saw that the shutter of his shop was open. Things were lying scattered and around 30 thousand rupees in cash along with other things were taken away. The neighbouring shopkeepers also reported similar incidents in their shops.

Thefts in a night-Terror of thievesThefts in a night-Terror of thieves

Similar incidents have been reported by people in Daroli and Kanpur regions. Retired from police services, Shantilal Hingad reported a theft of more than 15 thousand rupees and other items from his residence. He said that he was sleeping on the first floor of his house with his family. Thieves ransacked the ground floor. When he informed about this incident to his neighbours, he came to know that his neighbours also had the same issue. Other incidences took place in Kanpur area as well where thieves stole LED TV and other office items.

There were around 7 to 8 men involved in these cases of thefts in the age group of 25 to 30. The modus operandi has been almost the same everywhere. CCTV cameras were broken before the loots. Shop shutters were lifted and left as is and residential premises ransacked. At one place, the owner woke up after hearing sounds and shouted out to the neighbours which made the thieves run away. Terror of thieves is a matter of concern since winter nights make it easy for them to carry out their work when public and police both are making arrangements for staying cosy in winters.

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