2,49,915 Voters from Udaipur City Expected to Cast Votes

2,49,915 Voters from Udaipur City Expected to Cast Votes 

Udaipur Prepares for Lok Sabha Elections 2024...

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In preparation for the Lok Sabha general elections 2024, Udaipur district in Rajasthan, has clarified the eligibility status of its voters. The district has 2,259,555 registered voters, gearing up for the largest celebration of democracy.

Constituency Breakdown

  • Within the Udaipur parliamentary constituency, comprising 2,230,971 voters, 1,133,207 are men, 1,097,745 are women, and 19 are transgender individuals.
  • Notably, voters from Mavli and Vallabhnagar assembly constituencies will vote for the Chittorgarh parliamentary constituency. Meanwhile, voters from the Udaipur parliamentary constituency, including Aspur of Dungarpur district and Dhariyawad of Pratapgarh district, will elect their representative for the largest panchayat in the country.

Finalization of Voter Lists

District Election Officer and Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal disclosed that following the Election Commission's directives, the final publication of voter lists took place on March 8, 2024. Subsequently, applications were invited from eligible voters who turned 18 by March 24. After thorough scrutiny, an overall publication was issued, incorporating the names of eligible voters into the voter list. 

Voter Statistics Across Udaipur

Udaipur City has 2,49,915 voters, with 1,25,420 males; 1,24,493 females and 2 transgender voters. In Gogunda, there are 2,67,029 voters, with 136,601 males, 130,427 females, and 1 transgender voter. Jhadol has 2m76,509 voters, including 1,42,059 males, 1,34,447 females, and 3 transgender voters. Kherwara has 2,99,934 voters, with 1,52,865 males and 1,47,069 females. Udaipur's rural area has 2,90,922 voters, comprising 1,46,666 males, 1,44,246 females, and 10 transgender voters. 

In Salumbar, there are 296,443 voters, consisting of 150,827 males and 145,616 females. Dhariyawad has 277,482 voters, with 140,431 males, 137,050 females, and 1 transgender voter. Aspur has 272,737 voters, including 138,338 males, 134,397 females, and 2 transgender voters. 

Mavli has 259,502 voters, with 131,165 males, 128,332 females, and 5 transgender voters. Similarly, Vallabhnagar has 265,701 voters, including 135,032 males, 130,667 females, and 2 transgender voters. These constituencies contribute to the Chittorgarh parliamentary constituency.

Polling Stations Overview

  • A total of 2230 polling stations and 34 additional centers will facilitate voting.

In the Udaipur parliamentary constituency: 

  • Gogunda: 286 main and 2 additional centers.
  • Jhadol: 290 centers.
  • Kherwara: 314 main and 1 additional center.
  • Udaipur rural area: 262 main and 12 additional centers.
  • Udaipur city: 216 main and 9 additional centers.
  • Salumbar: 296 main and 2 additional centers.
  • Dhariyawad: 292 main and 6 additional centers.
  • Aspur: 274 main and 2 additional centers.

Under the Chittorgarh parliamentary constituency:

  • Mavli: 264 main and 2 additional polling stations.
  • Vallabhnagar: 281 polling stations.

With meticulous planning and adherence to electoral protocols, Udaipur is poised to contribute significantly to the democratic process.

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