No respite for RK Circle: Parking has increased the possibility of accidents

No respite for RK Circle: Parking has increased the possibility of accidents

Drivers of large vehicles find it difficult to manouvre the circle and smaller vehicles are in danger of being run over...

Illegal Parking on RK Circle Udaipur

The illegal parking woes on RK Circle intersection are not reducing even after multiple media coverage and direct complaints to the stake holders in the city administration as well as city police.  Despite the municipality and UDA taking up haphazard and ad hoc anti encroachment exercises across the narrow road and bylanes of the city, the major roundabouts and potential accident points are still be ignored.

At RK Circle, there are shops surrounding this circle on all four sides, and throughout the day, there is heavy traffic congestion due to the shops around the intersection. Vehicles coming from the roads around the circle continue to pose a risk of accidents due to the illegal parking on the intersection.  

As vehicles approach the Shobhagpura circle from the Nathdwara direction, drivers often feel uncomfotable navigating the turn towards the circle. Nearly 100 metres ahead of the turn, the main 100-feet road becomes congested with four-wheelers and two-wheelers parked, causing the road to narrow. 

Similarly, when a bus takes the turn towards the Fatehpura intersection, space becomes scarce near the main intersection due to the large shop and restaurant, causing congestion. This situation leads to significant inconvenience, especially during the evening hours. This is the scenario faced by vehicles travelling from Fatehpura towards Shobhagpura. 

As vehicles from Fatehpura make a turn at the petrol pump towards Nathdwara, the main intersection becomes congested with parked four-wheelers and two-wheelers outside shops. Some vehicles are parked, while others are maneuvering, leading to traffic congestion. In the morning, when the video coaches heading to Nathdwara make their turn, there is a sense of potential collision due to the crowded conditions. 

When vehicles from Fatehpura and Nathdwara approach the road to Orbit Resort, the same issue continues. Cars parked on the road and near the upcoming turn make it hard to exit from this road.

At the turn before the petrol pump with bridges, traffic police are stationed, but their enforcement of traffic rules is primarily focused on issuing fines to violators. Police jeeps also arrive in the morning and evening, but they remain stationed there for routine checks. It is mandatory to find a solution to this problem and police should take action against who park beyond the round boundary.  

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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