1992 Udaipur drivers violated traffic rules in October

1992 Udaipur drivers violated traffic rules in October

Transport Department collected Rs 92.81 Lakh fines

Udaipur Traffic Violators

In an effort to enforce traffic regulations, the Department of Transportation has been taking strict measures. During the month of October, they issued fines to a total of 1992 vehicle drivers for various traffic violations, which resulted in the department collecting a substantial revenue of Rs 92,81,225. To ensure compliance with traffic rules, the department initiated a comprehensive campaign that spans across the entire district. This campaign involves stopping and inspecting vehicles on the road. During this initiative, the highest number of fines, a total of 284, was issued to vehicles that were either overloaded or improperly loaded. The fines imposed on these violations amounted to Rs 14,81,000.

Furthermore, a significant number of fines, specifically 256, were issued to drivers who were caught not wearing seat belts while operating their vehicles. The total penalties collected from these seat belt violations amounted to Rs 5,13,000. In addition to these violations, cases of incorrect number plates that did not adhere to the standard regulations were also identified. This led to additional enforcement actions being taken.

Moreover, 145 individuals were penalized for using mobile phones while driving, a hazardous behavior that endangers road safety. The fines collected from these mobile phone usage violations amounted to Rs 3,30,000. These strict measures are aimed at promoting safer road conditions and responsible driving behavior. 

The authorities have taken stringent measures to address a range of violations, which include addressing the misconduct of drivers, enforcing the requirement for e-rickshaws to carry a spare tire (stepney), and tackling several other issues. Their crackdown extended to vehicles involved in transporting goods without proper rooftop covers, oversized vehicles lacking fitness certificates, non-compliance with official directives, vehicles without valid permits or reflectors, failure to pay taxes, permitting passengers in goods carrier vehicles, overloading, and unauthorized vehicle modifications.

These concerns have a particularly disproportionate impact on women and the elderly, who often struggle to maintain their balance due to the swift movement of vehicles passing closely. A recent incident at the Udiyapole intersection on a Thursday afternoon serves as a stark example. Here, a young motorcycle rider's reckless behavior led to a traffic jam, as he repeatedly maneuvered his bike wherever he saw an opportunity. These issues highlight the need for comprehensive measures to enhance road safety and ensure a smoother traffic experience for all.

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