“Tree therapy” for better health now in Gulab Bagh

Embrace nature to improve health.

“Tree therapy” for better health now in Gulab Bagh

A step towards better health through trees is the new therapy now available in Gulab Bagh. The process was inaugurated by Home Minister Kataria in Gulab Bagh on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October.

“Tree therapy” is a procedure which is followed by Japan since 1980. Under this procedure, a number of trees have been marked which provide mental and physical treatment. The therapy includes embracing medicinal trees, walking barefoot in forest area, observing the sounds of forest, and experiencing the various natural smells and fragrances of nature.

It has been observed that the above mentioned processes provides immense relief in mental stress, control blood pressure and give peace to both mental and physical being. Scientists believe that tree therapy provides relief from depression as the trees emit certain molecules which are absorbed by the body through respiration and skin.

The same therapy will now be available to the public of Udaipur which is being seen as an important step towards natural processes of improving health. A kadam plant was also planted in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Guests and other dignitaries present on the occasion also planted trees in memory of their beloved departed souls.

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