Two youths trapped in Morwaniya River while crossing culvert

Two youths trapped in Morwaniya River while crossing culvert

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On Tuesday 24 July 2023, during heavy rains on Ubeshwar Ji Marg, a potentially dangerous incident occurred when two youths attempted to cross the culvert over the Morwaniya river, which is located near the army campus. The situation became critical as the water flow over the culvert intensified, trapping the two individuals in the middle of the crossing. The youths had initially planned to cross the culvert on a bike, but they were unable to proceed due to the significantly high water levels. Authorities were promptly alerted about the situation, and rescue efforts were initiated to safely retrieve the trapped individuals from the hazardous conditions. 

Following an increase in the flow of water, the bikes of both youths were washed away. Despite their predicament, they managed to find safety by sitting and holding onto a pillar on the culvert for about an hour. Thankfully, a rescue team arrived at the scene and successfully saved the lives of both youths. Additionally, they were able to retrieve the bike from the overflowing river. The city and surrounding areas experienced heavy rainfall on Tuesday, leading to all river drains being in spate. The Morwaniya river, in particular, reached its full spate after approximately three hours of intermittent rain.

The river water surged over the culvert, creating a perilous situation for anyone attempting to cross. Unfortunately, two youths found themselves trapped in the rushing water while trying to make their way across the bridge with their bike. Realizing the severity of the situation, they made a tough decision and let go of their bike to increase their chances of survival. Desperately, they clung to a nearby pillar for safety.

Thankfully, some bystanders on both sides of the river witnessed the distressing scene and immediately informed the rescue team. However, reaching the spot proved to be a challenge for the rescue team due to the heavy rainfall that had been ongoing. Despite the adverse conditions, the determined rescue team managed to make their way to the site.

Upon arrival, the team utilized a hydraulic crane and put in immense effort to extricate both youths from their precarious position. After a strenuous rescue operation, they successfully saved the lives of the two youths. Furthermore, the rescue team accomplished the difficult task of retrieving the bike from the water as well. 

The rescue operation involved a team of skilled individuals who worked tirelessly to save the trapped youths. The team was led by Fire Fighter Pilot Kailash Menaria, and it comprised several dedicated rescuers, namely Vipul Chowdhary, Naresh Chowdhary, Prakash Rathod, Ravi Sharma, Vishnu Rathod, Deepak Vadera, Mahipal Panwar, Manish Sen, Manoj, Kapil Salvi, and Bhawani Shankar.

This incident serves as a reminder to the public about the importance of staying vigilant and heeding any warnings or advisories issued by local authorities during adverse weather conditions. Taking necessary precautions and avoiding unnecessary risks can prevent such accidents and ensure the safety of everyone during challenging weather events.

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