Directives to remove illegal constructions from RK Circle till Celebration-Shobhagpura Zone within 24 Hours

Directives to remove illegal constructions from RK Circle till Celebration-Shobhagpura Zone within 24 Hours

Authorities to collect fines from violating individuals and entities...


The Udaipur Development Authority (UDA)  has issued a directive for the prompt removal of any temporary and permanent constructions located along the main road stretching from RK Circle to Celebration and Shobhagpura, falling within the jurisdiction of the authority. Failure to comply with this directive within a 24-hour timeframe will lead to the authority recovering expenses from the individuals or entities in violation. It is imperative that those responsible for constructions take immediate action to avoid any financial consequences imposed by the Udaipur Development Authority. 

The Development Authority's Secretary, Rajesh Joshi, shared that in this area, people have built tin sheds and shops on farmland without permission, causing trouble. These unauthorized structures, along with illegal parking and shops blocking the road are making traffic difficult and increasing the risk of accidents and harm to the public.

In the past, they tried to remove these constructions using the Urban Improvement Act of 1959, but unfortunately, the constructions stayed and new ones were even added. 

Regarding this matter, there are directions to quickly take down all temporary and permanent constructions in this area within 24 hours. If not done in time, the authority will step in after the deadline. The costs for this removal will be collected from the current landowners using the Land Revenue Act of 1956, Land Revenue Recovery Act of 1952, and Rules of 1953 through the land revenue recovery and public demand collection process. At the same time, everyone is urged not to do any illegal land deals in farming areas to avoid problems in the future.

In a discussion with Udaipur Times, Traffic Incharge (TI) CI Adarsh Kumar of Udaipur city revealed that fines were levied on cars parked outside restaurants on the road, with some receiving warnings. Vehicles lacking proper documentation were impounded and transported to Udiapole police station, where owners faced fines upon their arrival. Kumar affirmed that similar measures would persist in the city in the upcoming days.

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