UDA Takes Charge: Focus on Udaipur's Cleanliness Management

UDA Takes Charge: Focus on Udaipur's Cleanliness Management

Udaipur needs to be clean for international recognition as a tourist-friendly and clean city...

Udaipur Rank Decline in Cleanliness
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Udaipur is famous for its beauty worldwide. Now, they are working to make it known for cleanliness too. The Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) Chairman, Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt, and Swachh Bharat Mission (Rural) Coordinator KK Gupta had a meeting with technical officials at the UIT on Friday, January 12, 2024 to discuss this. 

Recently, Chairman Rajendra Bhatt expressed disappointment over Udaipur's 206th position in cleanliness rankings, emphasizing the crucial need for improvement. In response to this concern, a meeting was held where Coordinator KK Gupta shared information about subpar cleanliness in colonies under UDA's jurisdiction. Gupta presented photographic evidence depicting piles of garbage in these areas.

Promptly addressing the issue, Chairman Bhatt called for the contractor responsible for the cleanliness in these colonies. He directed the immediate termination of the contract and issued instructions to establish effective cleanliness arrangements at the UDA level. This decisive action aims to address and rectify the cleanliness challenges faced by Udaipur.

Bhatt told officials to make the UDA area clean by starting tenders. He said, if trash is seen burning or scattered on roads after paying Rs 4 crore to the Municipal Corporation, it is all wasted. Right now, the Municipal Corporation hired contractors for cleaning UDA colonies, paying them based on the corporation's certification.

KK Gupta said that with determination, Udaipur can set an example for cleanliness. To achieve this, changing people's habits and mindset is crucial. Planting trees, not burning trash and collecting plastic for recycling can help reach this goal. 

In Udaipur, people are still practicing open defecation today. Bhatt showed pictures of a dumping yard, emphasizing that it is very harmful to public health. Gupta, talking about the Dungarpur Municipal Council's success, mentioned that a proper sanitation system there reduced 70% of diseases caused by dirt. Similarly, Udaipur needs to be clean for international recognition as a tourist-friendly and clean city. Referring to Mandawa, he noted that cleanliness issues led to a significant drop in the number of tourists, showing that people prefer cleaner places. 

The meeting included officials like Nagar Nigam Deputy Commissioner Sudhanshu Singh, UDA Chief Engineer Anit Mathur, DTP Ritu Sharma, Executive Engineer Nirmal Suthar, and Sharad Mathur, Health Officer Satyanarayan Sharma, Architect Sunil Ladha, and other technical staff.

In the meeting, KK Gupta suggested making two colonies and two parks in Udaipur like Dungarpur as examples. The UDA Chairman agreed to start improving Sanjay Park and Rajiv Gandhi Park. UDA officials were told to pick two colonies for development. Gupta said he would create a plan for these parks and colonies, and the UDA would make it happen for good results. 

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