Udai Sagar Lake to fill Bagoliya Dam

Udai Sagar Lake to fill Bagoliya Dam

Water Resources Department Initiates Preparations...

Bagoliya Dam

In a plan to replenish the Bagoliya Dam in the Martadi region, the Water Resources Department has commenced preparations. The department's strategy involves diverting excess water from Udai Sagar Lake to the dam during the upcoming monsoon season, with the initiation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR). The estimated cost of this ambitious project stands at around Rs 150 crore.

Under the proposed plan, a 30 km long canal, boasting a capacity of 135 cusecs, will be constructed to channel water from the lake to the dam. Negotiating the hilly terrain, a tunnel will also be constructed. The estimated cost of this ambitious project stands at around Rs 150 crore.

Officials emphasize that the decision regarding the amount of water diverted will be made at the government level, considering the impact on downstream dams, namely Badgaon and Vallabhnagar, which also rely on Udai sagar Lake. 

Bagoliya Dam's Crucial Role

Built in 1956, Bagolia Dam stands as the primary source of drinking water and irrigation in the Mavli region. Despite its capacity of 686 MCF, it has only been fully filled once in the past 25 years, back in 2006. The dam, crucial for 17 villages and providing irrigation water to 3676 hectares of land, faces an annual challenge of accumulating enough water to reach its dead storage level, with a capacity of 20 MCF. In 2022, the dam received 163 MCF of water.

CM's Intervention and Public Involvement

Responding to pleas from villagers, CM Bhajan Lal Sharma visited Mavli on March 1, 2024. Subsequently, on March 2, the District Collector convened a meeting with villagers and public representatives, seeking their suggestions on the matter. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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