Udaipur's Environmental Alarm: Aravalli Hills in Crisis

Udaipur's Environmental Alarm: Aravalli Hills in Crisis

Encroachment on the Aravalli hills adversely affects Udaipur's water resources...

Udaipur Aravalli Hills

The serene beauty of the Aravalli hills surrounding Udaipur is threatened by encroachment and degradation, posing a severe environmental crisis. Rapid urbanization, unregulated tourism, and illegal mining activities exacerbate the problem, endangering this delicate ecosystem.

Local representatives and the administration face criticism for inadequate response. Urgent action is imperative, including stricter land use regulations, crackdowns on illegal activities, and promotion of sustainable tourism.

Mannalal Rawat, BJP candidate for Lok Sabha, emphasizes the hills' significance and pledges to protect them under existing laws or enact new regulations if necessary. Tarachand Meena, Congress candidate, shares similar concerns and advocates for curbing encroachments to ensure sustainable development.

Encroachment on the Aravalli hills adversely affects Udaipur's water resources. The hills act as crucial catchment areas replenishing groundwater reserves and sustaining lakes and rivers. Loss of green cover and soil degradation diminishes their capacity to absorb rainwater, exacerbating water scarcity.

Hemant Trivedi, an environmental enthusiast, highlights the environmental peril caused by deforestation, habitat loss, and soil erosion. The Aravalli hills serve as vital green lungs for Udaipur, regulating microclimate, influencing rainfall patterns, and supporting diverse flora and fauna.

Urgent measures are needed to protect the Aravalli hills and ensure the sustainable development of Udaipur, balancing environmental preservation with socio-economic growth.

Source: Times Of India

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