Udaipur MLA leads Ayad river renovation project

Udaipur MLA leads Ayad river renovation project

Ayad river beautification project...

Ayad River Udaipur MLA Tarachand jain

Udaipur's MLA, Tarachand Jain, has responsibility for supervision of the Ayad River's renovation. During his second visit on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, MLA Tarachand Jain specifically addressed concerns about a wall constructed on the riverbed by the Smart City initiative. Expressing anger over this development, Jain emphasized the importance of thoughtful and eco-friendly urban planning, urging a reconsideration of the wall's impact on the river's natural flow.

Jain told the Smart City officials to work with other departments and mark the entire river in a week. He said if they don't follow his instructions, he will bring up the issue in the assembly. Last time, Jain told them to build in the river based on the markings and asked for a surprise check during his next visit.

Last Wednesday, Jain went to the river with BJP leaders and workers, along with Smart City CR Dewasi and Executive Engineer Dinesh Pancholi. They checked the construction in Alipura. Jain was upset because the wall was being built on the river bed instead of the banks. He told Devasi that Smart City officials were not marking the river, making it easy for private landowners to take over the river area. Jain also noticed that the wall was old.

He mentioned that marking the river from start to finish was necessary before any beautification work could begin.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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