Udaipur: ‘No Plastic Zone’ initiative to be launched at Badi Lake

Udaipur: ‘No Plastic Zone’ initiative to be launched at Badi Lake

Badi Lake takes the green lead

Badi Lake

Following the declaration of Badi Lake as a conservation reserve for Mahseer fish, the authorities have initiated proactive measures to ensure its protection. The Forest Department is taking decisive steps to designate the surrounding area as a "No Plastic Zone," thereby mitigating the environmental impact of plastic pollution. Additionally, all stall operators will be subject to prohibition, further safeguarding the ecosystem.  The lake was officially designated as a conservation reserve for Mahseer fish on October 7, 2023, signaling a significant step towards preserving this unique species and fostering environmental awareness among tourists.

In a bid to enforce conservation efforts, a dedicated patrolling team will be established for continuous monitoring. This team will comprise both departmental personnel and local residents, fostering a collaborative approach towards safeguarding this vital natural resource.  In an effort to bolster security measures, the authorities are planning to encircle the entire lake with stone railings akin to those found at Fatehsagar Lake. Presently, the lake's environs suffer from issues of littering and pollution, with individuals in the vicinity frequently disposing of waste along its shores. 

Moreover, some people even enter the lake for the purpose of washing their vehicles, exacerbating the environmental challenges. The installation of these stone railings is poised to curtail such activities, fortifying the lake's protection and preserving its pristine natural beauty for the community and future generations. R.K. Jain, Chief Conservator of the Forest Department, Udaipur has announced plans to promote the lake as an eco-tourism destination. This initiative aims to educate visitors, both from India and around the world, about the Mahseer fish. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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