Udaipur becomes bird watching destination

Udaipur becomes bird watching destination

Udaipur is now bird watching destination.

Udaipur becomes bird watching destination

Udaipur city doesn’t stop surprising people. From being one of the hot favourites in destination wedding list to pre-wedding photo shoots, Udaipur is heading to hold another title. Lake City Udaipur is now becoming bird watching destination.

Bird lovers from different places now prefer Udaipur since migratory birds are high in numbers this year. This has given a new dimension to Udaipur tourism. Domestic and foreign tourists are reaching out to every lake side and smaller water bodies to watch different species of birds. Each one is observing these winged creatures and also capturing them in their cameras.

As per expert Raza Tehsin, several programs are being conducted in Udaipur related to birds. Even earlier migratory birds could be seen around Udaipur but people had no knowledge about them neither developed interest in birds. There were only 3 or 4 people who had knowledge of birds. Later due to lack of wetland, birds flew to other places instead of coming here.

Adequate rains in the past few years have attracted the migratory birds to Lake City once again. Wetlands were developed as awareness grew among people. Now that the birds get a good feed and enough place to nest safely, the numbers of migratory birds are increasing each year.

Udaipur becomes bird watching destination Udaipur becomes bird watching destination

Migratory birds can also be seen in large groups in the lakes in and around the city. Bird expert Pradip Joshi informed that 66 water bodies have been marked with the help of people and bird lovers where birds come and settle in groups. The list of these water bodies is given to the bird loving tourists and they are told to maintain a peaceful visit so that the migratory birds do not get disturbed by crowd.

For the development of Udaipur Tourism specifically for bird lovers, bird festival came into existence. This 2017 it will be the 4th year of bird festival in Udaipur. On the spot photography competition is the highlight of bird festival this year. From 22nd to 25th December the bird festival will have competitions like on- spot-painting, quiz and photo exhibition to name a few.

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