Udaipur Aims Tourists Surge with Biodiversity Site Upgrades

Udaipur Aims Tourists Surge with Biodiversity Site Upgrades

Udaipur takes action to boost biodiversity awareness among tourists


The Udaipur Zoo Development Trust convened a pivotal meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt, also the Trust President, to strategize measures for enhancing tourism and biodiversity awareness in the region. District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal,  Mayor Govind Singh Tank and S.R.V. Murthy, Chief Forest Conservator (Wildlife) were also present during the meeting. 

Key Points Discussed in the Meeting

Awareness Campaign

Lack of awareness about Udaipur's biodiversity among tourists was highlighted as a major concern. To address this, the Forest Department will collaborate with the Municipal Corporation to install hoardings at prominent city locations. Additionally, the Hotels Association will display flex banners and standees to inform guests about biodiversity sites like Sajjangarh Sanctuary, Biological Park, Baghdara Crocodile Conservation, Butterfly Park, and Bird Park. 

Financial Status

Deputy Forest Conservator (Wildlife) D.K. Tiwari presented financial insights, revealing that the Trust's income from ticket sales for the Biological Park was Rs. 20/- per ticket. In the fiscal year 2023-24, the Trust gained approximately Rs. 1.5 crores in income against expenses totaling Rs. 3.22 crores. Current savings stand at Rs. 5.37 crores, with proposed expenses of Rs. 5.26 crores for the upcoming session.

Expansion Plans

To increase revenue, the Divisional Commissioner emphasized the need to attract more tourists by enhancing promotion and facilities at biodiversity sites. Suggestions included constructing enclosures for giraffes, zebras, and hippos at Sajjangarh Biological Park, building toilets for tourist convenience at Sajjangarh Sanctuary, and other infrastructural developments in Baghdara Protected Area.

Conservation Initiatives

The meeting proposed organizing conservation activities for children to instill environmental awareness from a young age. Discussions also revolved around advertising via hoardings and distributing books at coffee tables in hotels to promote biodiversity awareness.

Orangutans Arrival 

Trustee Arvind Singhal proposed introducing orangutans in Sajjangarh Biological Park. It was decided to explore budget allocation at the departmental level, with Mr. Singhal offering financial assistance as needed.

During the meeting, a tourist guide brought up the issue of charging ticket fees for guides at Sajjangarh Fort Wildlife Sanctuary and Biological Park, while mentioning discounts available at other sites.  Deputy Director of Tourism Shikha Saxena mentioned that this concern had been raised before, and letters were sent to department officials about it. 

Trust Chairman and Regional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt responded by emphasizing the need to encourage guides to boost tourist numbers in the sanctuary and park. As a result, a proposal was put forth in the meeting to allow free entry for recognized tourist guides at Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Biological Park, which was approved by both the Central and State Governments.

At the meeting, former CCF Rahul Bhatnagar talked about how more snakes tend to appear during hot and rainy weather. In Udaipur, there are snake catchers who capture them and release them in safe forest areas, with forest department workers overseeing this. In the past, the department used to give a reward of Rs 100/- for this. Bhatnagar suggested bringing back this reward system and raising the amount. Other members agreed, and the Trust Chairman approved increasing the reward to Rs 300/-.


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