Mary - Udaipur CID's Female Dog Sniper Bids Farewell

Mary - Udaipur CID's Female Dog Sniper Bids Farewell

She gave her service in Udaipur for 8 years...


Female Dog Sniper Mary Farewell

The renowned female dog sniper named Mary, who served in the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Udaipur for the past eight years, has been transferred to Bharatpur district. This move comes amidst a series of transfers in the police department, affecting over 550 personnel in the last four days.

Accompanying Mary in this transfer is her dedicated handler, Rahul Singh, who has also been posted in the Bharatpur CID zone. Singh, who worked closely with Mary, ensuring precision and efficiency in their operations, will now continue their partnership in the new location.

During her tenure in Udaipur, Mary played a pivotal role in various events, including high-profile visits by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President. Known for her loyalty and dedication, Mary quickly became an integral part of the police force, earning the respect of her colleagues. 

Handler Muhammad Bilal, who spent over six years working closely with Mary, shared some insights into the canine officer's unique communication style. Bilal mentioned that Mary, after completing her duty, would signal her hunger by sniffing and wagging her tail, showcasing understanding between the handler and the canine.

Emotional Farewell Ceremony

As Mary and Rahul Singh bid farewell to Udaipur, a ceremony was held, attended by numerous police personnel, including Yogendra Singh, Bhagwat Singh, Bhagwan Sahay, Vijendra Kumar and others. 


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