Udaipur City Faces Heavy Weekend Traffic Congestion

Udaipur City Faces Heavy Weekend Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion continued in the Kumharon Ka Bhatta area

Traffic jam and illegal parking are major issues in Udaipur

During the heightened election activity in the city, traffic congestion surged on Saturday because more police officers were escorting VIPs. On Saturday, traffic congestion continued in the Kumharon Ka Bhatta area. The traffic buildup started around 6 PM and by 8 PM, long queues of vehicles had formed, causing people to walk around anxiously.

Underneath the flyover at the intersection of Kumharon Ka Bhatta, there is constant vehicular noise emanating from all directions. Two to three police officers are stationed here every day. There were no police officers on duty that Saturday. As a result, around 6 PM, the volume of vehicle noise rose, triggering traffic congestion in the area. As the volume of vehicle noise grew, traffic congestion worsened, leading to restless pedestrians. By around 8 PM, extensive lines of vehicles had formed in the area.

At the crossroads of Kumharon Ka Bhatta, there is constant vehicle noise from all directions. Traffic from Sevashram, Surajpol, Mali Colony, and Nursery Road frequently becomes congested beneath the flyover.  When drivers rush, it causes traffic jams, resulting in daily congestion where people get stuck. In these scenarios, it is crucial to have police officers present during peak traffic hours.

The young people assumed leadership

When traffic jams occurred, several young men nearby attempted to control the traffic, but due to the heavy congestion, whenever one vehicle was stopped, another would quickly take its place. The young people's actions helped lessen the noise from vehicles and eased some of the congestion, but they were unable to fully resolve the traffic jam.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police reached the location

Upon receiving notification of a major traffic jam, DSP Netrapal Singh and several constables arrived at the scene around 8 PM to address the congestion. Following about thirty minutes of effort, the traffic jam was effectively relieved, and vehicle movement resumed without issues.

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