Udaipur aims for accreditation in the Wetland City list

Udaipur aims for accreditation in the Wetland City list

Udaipur will be India's first Wetland City if the proposal is approved

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Important developments are expected to unfold simultaneously between two conservation reserves in Lake City. Udaipur is currently making preparations to be recognized as India's first Wetland City. The proposal has been meticulously drafted and has already received approval. The  proposal has been sent to the Ramsar Secretariat for final approval. This proposal is being submitted through the State Wetland Authority, the Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Climate Change Department for official approval. 

Udaipur boasts a natural abundance of natural resources, with eight water sources within the district already recognized in the Wetland List. This forthcoming recognition as a Wetland City is set to catalyze various activities, including catchment management, watershed management, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, and more. Simultaneously, it will provide a significant impetus to environmental conservation efforts and water resource preservation within the district.

If this proposal gains approval, Udaipur will proudly hold the distinction of being India's inaugural city with this prestigious recognition. Notably, Bhopal, a city in Madhya Pradesh, is also vying for the same honor, as a proposal to declare it a Wetland City has already been submitted.

This initiative holds the potential to significantly enhance the conservation and management of wetlands in these regions, promoting sustainable practices and eco-tourism. Currently, across the world, only a few cities have received the prestigious designation of Wetland City, and Udaipur and Bhopal aspire to be among the first from India to join this esteemed list. 

UT NOTE: If a city were to gain recognition as a "wetland city" or implement wetland conservation and management programs, it would likely mean that the city is taking proactive steps to protect and preserve its wetland areas. This recognition could involve a commitment to sustainable development practices, conservation efforts, and educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands.

Currently, the proposal is awaiting approval at the central level. During a meeting of the District Environmental Committee held on Monday to discuss the declaration of Udaipur as a Wetland City, the proposal received approval. The committee, under the leadership of its chairman and the District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal, gave the green light. Ajay Chittora, Deputy Conservator of Forest,Udaipur, presented details about the proposal. Environmental consultant Shardul Kothari explained that following technical studies and necessary procedures, the proposal will be forwarded to the Ramsar Secretariat of the central government.

There are 42 Wetland Cities spread across 17 countries worldwide, with China leading the way with 13 such cities and India has yet to feature on this list.

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