Smart City Udaipur: Contaminated Water Problem Continues in Wall City

Smart City Udaipur: Contaminated Water Problem Continues in Wall City

Can Udaipur truly be considered a Smart City?

Water Supply Interrupted

Residents of Wall City continue to face a severe crisis as contaminated water flows into their homes, causing outrage among the residents. Despite significant investments in infrastructure by the smart city authorities, the situation has not improved over the past months.

The smart city initiative aimed to renovate the internal systems of the city's 17 wards, including sewage, water, and electricity. Crores were spent on installing new pipelines and filtration plants to ensure clean water supply to the residents. However, the promised relief has not materialized.

Affected areas such as Bhattiyaani Chohatta, Jagdish Chowk, Pichhola, Raoji Ka Haata, Chandpol, Purohit Ji Ka Khurra, Ganeshghati, and others are witnessing daily water problems. Residents report that the water, upon arrival, is dirty and contaminated, necessitating the use of alum to settle the sludge. Even after treatment, the water retains a foul smell and contains worms, making it unfit for consumption.

Despite numerous complaints lodged with the authorities, no significant action has been taken to address the issue. Residents are now resorting to purchasing water from external sources, such as RO water camper vans, for their daily needs.

Despite installation of filtration plants, as a solution to the water quality problem, has failed to yield the desired results. The exact cause behind the persisting poor water quality remains elusive, leaving residents frustrated and desperate for a resolution.

Can Udaipur truly be considered a Smart City? Although Smart City projects are rapidly enhancing urban areas in Udaipur, many regions still face daily challenges such as a lack of safe drinking water, poor quality roads, and frequent power cuts.

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