Udaipur Dairy's Business Surpasses Rs 300 Crores

Udaipur Dairy's Business Surpasses Rs 300 Crores

Expands supply 

Udaipur Dairy Department

The Udaipur Dairy Cooperative Society (Milk Union Udaipur)  has marked a significant milestone this fiscal year, with its annual turnover surpassing RS 300 crore for the first time, a notable increase from Rs 160.97 crore recorded in 2014-15.

During this period, the society witnessed a remarkable 87% surge in its business activities. Presently, the city consumes between 85 to 10 thousand litres of milk daily, reflecting the increasing demand for dairy products.

Expansion and Supply Chain

Society officials attribute this growth to a rise in sales of cattle feed, alongside expanding milk supply to regions like Gujarat. Currently, the dairy cooperative society has a membership of 40,521 farmers, connected through 559 registered primary milk producer cooperative societies. A daily collection of 99,418 litres of milk underscores the society's robust supply chain.

In line with its expansion plans, the dairy cooperative society established a new production plant in the fiscal year 2023-24. This facility caters to the production of popular dairy products such as Yogurt, Peda, and Kulfi, generating further demand in the market. 

87% Increase in 10 Years

Year Turnover (Crore)
2015-16 187.48
2016-17 207.68
2017-18 204.59
2018-19 235.53
2019-20 251.38
2020-22 195.92
2021-22 239.86
2022-23 254.03
2023-24 301.02


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