Rajasthan has 1 charging stations per 540 Electric Vehicles

Rajasthan has 1 charging stations per 540 Electric Vehicles

Presently there are 5,254 public EV charging station across India, which means 393 EV has one charging station


20 lakh EV Charging Stations will be required across India in the next 7 years

Electric vehicle demand is rising daily, yet there aren't enough public charging stations to meet that need. A total of 20.5 lakh public charging stations would be required in the nation by 2030, according to the Research Counterpoint Report.

A total of 5,254 public EV charging stations are present throughout the country, according to the EV charging Infrastructure Nodal Agency Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Instead, the overall number of EVs according to the vehicle portal is 20.65 lakh.

In India, there are around 2,700 public charging stations with 5,500 connections, however they are mostly located in nine major cities and along roads and major highways. By 2025, 10,000 public charging stations are expected to be installed.

In January 2023, Nexus Mall and Celebration Mall worked together to establish Udaipur's EV charging station. The vehicles can only be charged 80% of the way in roughly 40 minutes. 

Recently, Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments, a joint venture between the governments of India and Rajasthan, bagged a contract with Statiq, a major EV charging network in Gurugram, to deliver 253 fast chargers on four highway projects. Several charging stations are available from the firm in Udaipur, Jaipur, Beawar, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur.

Rajasthan in total has 1,37,077 EV and has 254 charging stations respectively. According to the Energy Minister, Karnataka has 774 Public charging stations. Maharashtra has 660, Delhi 539 and Tamil Nadu 442.  


EV per


Rajasthan 1,37,077 254 540
Uttar Pradesh 4,50,552 406 1,110
Maharashtra 2,13,995 660 324
Delhi 1,98,149 539 367
Karnataka 1,73,355 704 223

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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