Udaipur: Farmers to Receive Beekeeping Training

Udaipur: Farmers to Receive Beekeeping Training

Udaipur aims to establish 400 beehives


The National Horticulture Mission and the National Agricultural Development Plan have established specific objectives for promoting beekeeping within the state. As part of this strategic initiative, 21 districts, including Udaipur, have been incorporated into the program. The primary aim in Udaipur is to establish 400 beehives to foster beekeeping practices in the region. Under this program, the department is committed to supporting beekeepers by providing a substantial subsidy of up to 40% of the costs associated with setting up and maintaining beehives. This subsidy serves as a significant incentive for individuals and farmers to engage in beekeeping activities.

Training will be offered, and the selection of farmers for this program will be conducted promptly. This initiative is expected to result in an improvement in their income. Priority will be given to small-scale, marginalized, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, women farmers, and those who have received training in beekeeping.

In order to encourage beekeeping, the cost of an eight-frame colony is Rs.2,000, and the cost of a beekeeping box is also Rs. 2,000. Under this scheme, a subsidy of 40% of the colony and beekeeping box cost, up to a maximum of Rs 800 , will be provided. 

Beekeeping plays a crucial role in enhancing agricultural productivity and promoting pollination, which is vital for fruit and vegetable cultivation. By offering subsidies and encouraging the establishment of beehives, the government aims to boost honey production, stimulate rural economies, and contribute to overall agricultural growth in these 21 districts. This initiative not only supports beekeepers but also has far-reaching implications for the agricultural and horticultural sectors within the state, ultimately benefiting both producers and consumers. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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