First Government Polo Horse Club is expected to be built in Udaipur

First Government Polo Horse Club is expected to be built in Udaipur

This will be Rajasthan's first government horse polo club

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Udaipur is a popular tourist destination because of its history, culture, beautiful scenery, and palaces from the Rajput era. In addition to its historical forts and palaces, museums, galleries, scenic spots, and gardens, among other things, Udaipur will soon be recognized for its Horse Polo Club also. Polo ground will be built in Udaipur if the approval of the Center is given. 

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At Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon, Udaipur, the Rajasthan State Sports Council, Jaipur, plans to build a Polo field and a double trap shooting range. The state government has a goal of building sports facilities for national and international competition all over Rajasthan. This will be Rajasthan's first government horse polo club. 

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The District Administration and Sports Department members have sent a proposal to the Central Government, if the approval of the Central Government is received, then soon we will be able to enjoy the polo ground and double trap shooting. The State Sports Council has prepared its DPR.

After Jaipur and Jodhpur, Udaipur has strong polo and shooting players, and these activities need to be fostered here. Fresh talent will begin to come in as soon as the facilities are built, and they may be trained for international competitions.

In Udaipur, horse polo is still an unexplored sport. Despite having a tradition of producing great athletes and horses. The proposed site is 4.5 km outside the city in Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon near Chitrakoot in Udaipur. The proposed development site is situated at the far end of Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon, behind the multipurpose indoor hall and the current hockey astroturff field. Little hills surround the area, making it the ideal location for a shooting range and giving stadium visitors an elevated view. 

"Udaipur is considered as tourists hub but after District Collector, Tarachand Meena has taken the responsibility of the city, Udaipur is also becoming a sports hub as well." - Shakeel Hussain, Sports Officer Udaipur. 

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