Udaipur: Heritage walk to resume and showcase the city's cultural treasures

Udaipur: Heritage walk to resume and showcase the city's cultural treasures

The objective is to offer tourists insights into the Udaipur's internal areas and its rich heritage...

Heritage walk

During the meeting of the Heritage Conservation Committee of Udaipur Municipal Corporation, several topics were discussed. One of the key decisions taken was to reinstate the heritage walk in Lake City. This move aims to promote and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city. Additionally, the committee also emphasized the importance of preserving the old gates of the city. To ensure their conservation, strict monitoring measures will be put in place. The committee is determined to prevent any deterioration that might lead to the gates losing their historical charm and significance. 

During the meeting chaired by Committee Chairman Madan Dave in the Udaipur Municipal Corporation, various members, including Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi, expressed their opinions. It was unanimously decided that the historical heritage of the city should be safeguarded from any tampering caused by private or government advertisements. The committee recognized that pasting advertisements on old doors often led to damage, such as drilling into heavy forts or walls, which had previously sparked protests from concerned residents. To address this issue, Singhvi instructed that no advertisements from government or private companies should be allowed on the doors within the Municipal Corporation area. The committee emphasized the importance of strict adherence to this instruction, and they pledged to take severe action against any negligence in implementing this decision. The focus remains on preserving the city's historical treasures for future generations without compromising their integrity and beauty.

During the meeting, Committee Chairman Dave informed everyone that the heritage walk, previously initiated by the corporation, had faced several closures over time. Despite attempts to restart it through the Tourism Department and District Administration, the desired results were not achieved. As a solution, the Municipal Corporation decided to take charge of reinitiating the heritage walk independently. The objective is to offer tourists insights into the city's internal areas and its rich heritage.

Committee members Mahesh Trivedi and Ruchika Chaudhary proposed the idea of establishing a museum within the premises of Jagdish Chowk old library. This museum aims to showcase our culture to the tourists visiting Udaipur while also generating income for the Municipal Corporation. The proposal for the museum will be sent to Mayor Govind Singh Tak, and proactive steps will be taken to bring the project to fruition. The committee believes that such initiatives will not only preserve the city's cultural heritage but also contribute to its economic growth through tourism.

Cultural programs will be held at Lal Ghat

During the meeting, Committee members Chandraprakash Suhalka and Meera Meena proposed the idea of organizing cultural programs in the evening on municipal land at Lal Ghat. The aim of this suggestion was to provide entertainment for the tourists visiting the area. Deputy Mayor Singhvi supported the proposal and instructed Committee Chairman Madan Dave to proceed with necessary actions to implement the idea. Chairman Dave, in turn, put forward a suggestion of his own. He proposed that the electrical panels installed by the Smart City inside the Wall City should be painted conventionally to enhance their visual appeal. 

Mahesh Trivedi and Ruchika Chaudhary, esteemed members of the committee, have put forth a compelling proposal to establish a museum at the historical Jagdish Chowk old library in Udaipur. Presently, the library remains unused, providing an ideal opportunity to create a cultural hub that will captivate tourists and showcase the rich heritage of our city.

The committee discussed these proposals with enthusiasm, believing that such initiatives would enhance the tourist experience in Udaipur and contribute to the preservation and promotion of the city's cultural heritage. Further actions will be taken to explore the feasibility of these ideas and implement them effectively.


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