Udaipur witnessed highest tourists footfall in April, 2023

Udaipur witnessed highest tourists footfall in April, 2023

1.16 Lakh tourists visited the city in the month of April

foreign tourists in Udaipur Tourism Boost

Although the numbers are less than March but this is for the first time in 14 years...

For the first time in 14 years, Udaipur recorded 1.16 lakh tourists in April. 1 lakh 16 thousand and 900 were domestic tourists and 6754 were foreigners. This figure is respectively less than 21100 and 7272 in March, but from the last 8 months witnessed more than 1 lakh domestic tourists visiting Udaipur every month. In the month of May, 14026 were foreign tourists and 1.38 lakh were domestic.  

People visited the lakecity for various reasons. Experts said that due to Western disturbance, the temperature remained 38 degrees due to clouds and rain. The temperature of the city was pleasant. Being the top wedding destination, people across nations came here for their wedding. People visit the city for various business purposes as well. 

According to Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Udaipur is considered as the coolest destination in Rajasthan in summer. Also, during the Monsoon season many tourists visit the city. Last year, the department had branded the entire division including Udaipur as a monsoon destination. For this, bloggers and influencers were also called, who visited Mewar during the rainy season and shared their experiences worldwide through blogs and or mediums of social media. 

Number Of Tourist In Every Year Of April Month

Year Domestic Foreign
2010 43461 9297
2011 35629 11873
2012 36757 12087
2013 37273 11529
2014 43005 11892
2015 45954 10137
2016 47520 10673
2017 48603 12109
2018 50020 12702
2019 51605 11969
2020 0 41
2021 35068 163
2022 84300 2084
2023 116900 6754


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