Udaipur Home Voting: 381 Senior Citizens Participated in 2nd Phase

Udaipur Home Voting: 381 Senior Citizens Participated in 2nd Phase

Home Voting Ensures Participation of Senior Citizens and Differently-Abled Individuals in Udaipur...

Home Voting in Udaipur Begins

Under the ongoing Lok Sabha General Elections 2024, the second phase of home voting witnessed active participation from senior citizens and differently-abled individuals in Udaipur district. On Friday, April 19, a total of 381 senior citizens and 70 differently-abled individuals fulfilled their democratic duty by engaging in the home voting process.

According to Tarun Surana, the head of the Home Voting Department, dedicated home voting teams visited every household on Friday. They ensured that 391 senior citizens, aged over 85 years, and 70 individuals with disabilities were able to cast their votes. This significant participation accounted for over 40% of the total voters in the district.

Since the initiation of the home voting facility, a considerable number of elderly and differently-abled individuals have availed themselves of this opportunity. As of now, 3007 individuals from Udaipur district have successfully utilized the home voting service.

The first phase of home voting is set to continue until April 21, 2024. During this period, voting teams, assigned according to allocated route charts, will conduct door-to-door voting on a daily basis. This initiative aims to ensure maximum participation in the electoral process, particularly among vulnerable groups like senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.


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