Debris causes traffic jam on Udaipur-Jhadol Highway; vehicles diverted to old route

Debris causes traffic jam on Udaipur-Jhadol Highway; vehicles diverted to old route 

The intense downpour caused debris and stones to fall on the highway

landslide on highway

Heavy rainfall in the area triggered a landslide on the Udaipur-Jhadol-Idar National Highway 58-E. The intense downpour caused debris and stones to come loose from the nearby hillside, resulting in a significant amount of material tumbling down and scattering across the highway. This sudden landslide led to the complete blockage of the road, creating a traffic jam as vehicles were unable to pass through.

The specific location where this happened was near Undri, which is one of the areas along the highway that is susceptible to such occurrences. In the past, there have been multiple instances of debris falling from the hills, causing blockages on the road. Additionally, other areas like Chokdiya, Undavella, and parts between Udaipur and Jhadol have also been known to be at risk of rocks falling from the hills.

In response to the situation, authorities acted swiftly and diverted the vehicles to an alternate route to manage the traffic and ensure the safety of travelers. This measure helped to ease the congestion and allowed vehicles to continue their journey through the old route while the authorities worked on clearing the debris from the affected section of the highway.

It's worth noting that the region might experience similar challenges in the future, especially during periods of heavy rainfall or adverse weather conditions. Due to the topography and geological features of the area, the risk of landslides and falling rocks remains a concern for highway users and requires ongoing monitoring and mitigation efforts by the authorities.

To address the recurring issue of debris falling from the hillsides and blocking the road, it may be necessary for the authorities to implement long-term solutions, such as installing protective barriers or slope stabilization measures. Additionally, periodic maintenance and inspection of the road and surrounding hills could help identify potential hazards in advance, enabling timely interventions to minimize the impact on traffic flow and ensure the safety of commuters.

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