Cleaning Efforts for Pichola Lake Revives

Cleaning Efforts for Pichola Lake Revives

Cleaning of Kumhariya Lake started...

cleaning machine

Udaipur Municipal Corporation has taken steps towards the restoration of Pichola Lake's cleanliness. Bringing back the old Weeding machine is a big step forward in our project. Specifically targeting the removal of algae, the machine has been deployed at Kumhariya lake for the rejuvenation. 

Tourists visiting places like Ambrai Ghat and the new bridge have noticed that Pichola Lake doesn't look good anymore. There's a lot of trash and plants in the water and along the edges, which makes the beautiful view not so nice. Ambrai Ghat especially doesn't look good because of plastic bags and plants all over the place.

Cleaning the lake again came after a break. The contract to use the weeding machine, which is really important for getting rid of weeds in Pichola Lake, ended in January. And the machine didn't work properly because it had some problems. So, people had to clean the lake by hand, which was difficult.

The sheer size of Pichola Lake posed a formidable obstacle to manual cleaning efforts. Recognizing the inadequacy of this approach, Tej Shankar Paliwal, a member of the Lake Development Authority, took decisive action. In response to a news report shedding light on the situation, Paliwal promptly alerted the District Collector to the pressing issue. As a result, cleaning operations have been reinstated, signaling a renewed commitment to preserving the lake's ecological integrity.

Efforts to combat pollution and restore the natural beauty of Pichola Lake are underway. With renewed focus and the resumption of cleaning operations, authorities aim to address the environmental concerns plaguing this iconic water body. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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