Udaipur lakes at their best this year

Udaipur lakes at their best this year

The lakes of Udaipur have a good water level as compared to that of 2019 pre-monsoon.
Udaipur lakes at their best this year
A good monsoon and the longer duration of winter season has helped in  maintaining the water level.

Water in Udaipur lakes was a matter of concern in 2019 since scanty monsoon resulted in the lakes going dry. The lakes of Udaipur are the source of drinking water for the city and that was the biggest point of tension as growing heat and receding water level can not be controlled in any way.

Monsoon in 2019 proved to be a boon and the overflowing lakes gave hopes for a good summer in 2020 as it became an obvious fact that there will be no issue of drinking water. To add to this, the winters decided to stay for a longer time and this also prevented the evaporation of water maintaining the water level to a good extent.

Fatehsagar is at 9.3 feet this season  as compared to (-)2 of 2019 before the monsoons. Lake Pichola is at 10 feet which was 2.3 last year. The lakes have overflown for a longer duration as the catchments kept receiving rains for a longer time. Swaroop Sagar overflew a number of times and same was the case with Fatehsagar. The dams which were at risk in 2019 became full due to good rainfall. 

Water kept blessing the lakes and other water bodies until October 2019. The year 2019 saw a good winter which even prevented the evaporation of water and the lakes felt blessed to have water for a good time. Because of winters, the demand of water was less as compared to that of summers hence  the level could be maintained to a respectable limit. The water level in the lakes also resulted in Udaipur city maintaining its beauty as a result of which tourism was at its peak. Boating began which was stopped earlier due to possibilities of accidents in the almost empty lakes. Hoping that this year 2020, monsoon proves to be good and the beauty of the Lake City be maintained forever.  

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