Udaipur: Corporation takes action to reduce pollution in lakes

Udaipur: Corporation takes action to reduce pollution in lakes 

People are disposing waste directly into the lakes...

Lake Pichola Water Pollution
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The Municipal Corporation Udaipur team arrived at the Pichola Lake location to address its deteriorating condition. To initiate the lake's cleanup process, the team deployed a de-weeding machine into the Kumhariya pond, commencing the cleaning effort with laborers stationed at Rang Sagar and Dudh Talai. Throughout the day-long cleaning campaign, the diligent workforce managed to extract nearly four dumpers' worth of aquatic grass and accumulated garbage from the lake, significantly improving its condition.

Health officer Satyanarayan Sharma, accompanied by his team, conducted an inspection at the site. Following the inspection, he supervised the deployment of the de-weeding machine into Kumhariya pond. Operating continuously throughout the day, this machine effectively cleared the area, removing approximately one dumper's worth of aquatic grass. Likewise, at Rang Sagar and Dudh Talai, laborers utilized boats to clean the lake, successfully extracting aquatic grass and accumulated dirt. Collectively, from both locations, a total of about two trolleys filled with garbage and grass were removed during this cleanup effort.

Thousands of tourists visit the city's lakes daily, bringing along items like water bottles, cold drinks, and food, unfortunately, disposing of them directly into the lakes instead of using proper waste disposal methods. Furthermore, residents of many houses situated around the lakes contribute to this issue by directly discarding garbage into the water. Due to a lack of awareness and the corporation's leniency, people have acted without concern. However, the corporation has taken steps to address this problem by preparing to install iron mesh on the lake's bridges.

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