Lake-loving citizens take initiative to clean Udaipur lakes

Lake-loving citizens take initiative to clean Udaipur lakes

Swaroop Sagar and lake Pichola were cleaned of weed...

Chandpole Lake

In a commendable display of community spirit and environmental responsibility, members of lake conservation forum dedicated their Sunday to cleanup Rang Sagar, Chandpol and Amar Kund at Pichola. The diligent volunteers worked tirelessly to rid these picturesque locations of the unsightly menace of garbage. Approximately three quintals of waste was removed. The cleanup drive saw active participation from Haji Sardar Mohammad, Kamlesh Purohit, Mohan Singh Chauhan and Satish Mewada Sonu, who lent their time and efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. These teams also cleaned Swaroop Sagar.

Tej Shankar Paliwal, a former member of the Lake Development Authority, lamented that despite crores of rupees being spent to make the lakes pollution-free, the inflow of sewage into the lakes has not ceased. Environmentalist Nand Kishore Sharma emphasized that sewage is the primary source of water pollution and the proliferation of aquatic weeds and it must be stopped at all costs.

UT NOTE: The escalating water pollution in Udaipur's lakes poses a significant threat to both aquatic and human life. Udaipur, referred to as "The City of Lakes", is celebrated for its pristine lakes, and if these lakes remain uncleaned, the core essence of Udaipur is lost. Every year, Udaipur attracts a multitude of tourists, and various initiatives have been launched to boost the tourism sector. Nevertheless, it is imperative for every citizen of the city to assume responsibility for the preservation and upkeep of these lakes.

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