Udaipur Lake conservationist suggest balanced tourism amid environmental concerns

Udaipur Lake conservationist suggest balanced tourism amid environmental concerns

Measures to preserve the city's environmental quality...

Udaipur Lake Damage

Every Sunday, local lake enthusiasts gather for a weekly dialogue in Udaipur, where they express concerns about the adverse effects of booming tourism on the city's residents. The discussion highlights the impact on the health and well-being of Udaipur's citizens, prompting a collective call to manage and control tourism for the city's prosperous future.

During the dialogue, Dr. Anil Mehta from the Lake Conservation Committee drew attention to the environmental degradation caused by the increasing number of tourist vehicles. He emphasized the urgent need for measures to preserve the city's environmental quality. The prevalence of traffic congestion on almost every main road and inner lane in Udaipur was noted as a significant issue arising from tourism.

To ensure a bright future for Udaipur, the participants stressed the importance of finding a balance and implementing effective regulations for tourism in the city. Addressing the challenges posed by the influx of visitors and associated environmental impacts is deemed crucial for sustaining the well-being of both the city and its residents. In this situation, the emissions from tourist vehicles are causing air pollution and water contamination. Tej Shankar Paliwal, a lake enthusiast, pointed out that vehicle emissions have led to an increase in smog. Nandkishor Sharma highlighted the harmful consequences of the excessive use of Udaipur's natural resources for tourists enjoyment, describing it as detrimental and self-destructive.

Expressing concern, environmentalist Kushal Raval emphasized that uncontrolled and excessive tourism poses a significant worry. It is important to address these issues to preserve the environmental balance. Drupad Singh pointed out that the entertainment activities for tourists are contributing to both noise and pollution issues for the local residents. Preceding the discussion, efforts were made to remove the waste generated by tourism from the lake surface. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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