Udaipur lakes need 4 times the water they have now

Udaipur lakes need 4 times the water they have now

Lake City crying for water-Rain rain come again

Udaipur lakes need 4 times the water they have now

Udaipur city needs more rains. It hasn’t rained enough to fill the lakes and we need 4 times the water we have now. The situation will worsen if the weather remains dry as water supplies will be affected to a disastrous extent.

Lake Fatehsagar is crying out loud for rains as the lake bed is still open to public eye. If it doesn’t rain in the coming days, we might get water supplies once in 96 hours. Though Lake Pichola has received some water, yet it will not stay for long in the absence of good monsoon. The entire city cannot depend on Lake Pichola for drinking water. It is just that tubewells are recharged with water since drizzle was enough to increase the underground water level. Wells and step wells are also recharged. But for how long…???

A look at the water level of the city’s lakes:

                                                                Capacity               Present level

Pichola                                                  11 feet                  3.4 feet

Fatehsagar                                          13 feet                  -5.5 feet

Badi                                                       32 feet                  8.5 feet

Jaisamand                                           27.5 feet              8.3 feet

Mansi Vakal dam                              581.20                   568.70 metres

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