Udaipur: The Collector has ordered to install CCTV cameras at every medical store

Udaipur: The Collector has ordered to install CCTV cameras at every medical store 

The rising intoxication among minor children has created tensions for the administration

200 CCTV cameras to come up at RNT Medical College

The increasing drug habit among minor children has raised concerns for the administration. According to the sources, they are using special drugs in the form of medicines. Due to this the intoxication has increased. For its prevention, the Collector has now ruled to install CCTV Cameras at all the medical stores in the district within 15 days. 

Medicines of H and H-1 category are banned for the use of minor children. The District Drug Controller and Child Welfare Police Officer will conduct a surprise inspection within the prescribed period and check whether CCTV cameras are installed at the medical store. Action will be taken against the operator if the order is not followed. According to the media reports, there are a total 1500 big, small, retail and wholesaler medical operators in Udaipur.  

Alprazolam, Diazepam and Nitrizepam mix medicines belonging to the sedative and hypnotic category related to anxiety, depression, given for sleep are being used in intoxication. Apart from this, Tramadol and Forpantadol included in pain-relieving (analgesic) medicines and Crodin mix medicines useful in coughing can also be misused for addiction.

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