Udaipur Municipal Corporation Health Committee Takes Decisive Actions to Enhance City Sanitation

Udaipur Municipal Corporation Health Committee Takes Decisive Actions to Enhance City Sanitation

Crackdown on Illegal Cart Vendors...

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A pivotal meeting of the Municipal Corporation Health Committee, chaired by Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi and Councillor Venniram Salvi, was convened to address pressing sanitation issues plaguing the city. Important decisions were reached to combat various challenges impacting cleanliness and hygiene across the urban landscape.

Crackdown on Illegal Cart Vendors

Concerns were raised regarding the proliferation of unauthorized egg carts littering the city streets. To tackle this menace, the committee unanimously agreed to implement a three-strike policy. Initially, fines will be issued, followed by notices upon repeated violations, with confiscation being the ultimate consequence.

Enhanced Security Measures at Garbage Stands

Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi emphasized the need for heightened security at garbage collection points to deter illegal dumping post-cleanup. Security guards will be deployed to monitor these areas, complemented by suggestions for CCTV installations for added surveillance, as proposed by committee member Devendra Sahu.

UIT Cleaning System Under Scrutiny

Committee member Ramesh Jain brought to light issues surrounding the cleanliness system in the UIT area. Residents complaints prompted a decision to engage with UIT officials as soon as possible to rectify the shortcomings and ensure a more efficient sanitation process.

Fee Hike for Meat and Poultry Shops

In a bid to regulate the meat, chicken, and fish retail sector, the committee agreed to raise licensing fees substantially. Meat shop licenses will surge from 3100 to 4100 rupees annually, while the fee for fish and chicken shops would go up from Rs 700 to 2100. Dual-trade establishments will face a combined fee of 6200 rupees. This amount will be collected by the municipal corporation from April 1, 2024.

Crackdown on Absenteeism among Employees

Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi addressed absenteeism among municipal employees, attributing it to disruptions in the sanitation system. Strict measures were announced, requiring absentees to complete full-day duties at the corporation office to ensure accountability.

Urgent Replacement of Broken Urinals

Concerns were raised regarding broken plastic urinals in various city locations. Deputy Mayor Singhvi swiftly instructed the construction department to remove damaged units and replace them to maintain sanitation standards.

Penalties for Negligent Waste Collection

Instructions were issued to penalize collection vehicles failing to adhere to scheduled waste collection times. Deputy Mayor Singhvi emphasized punitive measures for repeated negligence, including blacklisting executive agencies and reissuing tenders for improved service provision.

Smart City Projects Cleanup Directive

Deputy Mayor Singhvi highlighted concerns regarding debris and waste obstructing city roads due to ongoing smart city projects. A letter will be send to smart city officials urging prompt removal of unnecessary items to preserve the city's aesthetic appeal.

Revamping Public Urinal Cleaning Protocols

Committee discussions underscored the need for enhanced cleanliness in public urinals and toilets. To address this, an upgrade to the auto-cleaning system was proposed, incorporating acid and other cleaning agents for a more thorough sanitation regime.

Introduction of Biometric Attendance for Sanitation Workers

In a move towards accountability, Paras Singhvi announced the acquisition of 70 biometric machines for all wards. Sanitation workers will be required to mark their attendance using fingerprints, ensuring workforce presence and efficiency.


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