Udaipur Municipality faces backlash in Delhi Gate encroachment removal

Udaipur Municipality faces backlash in Delhi Gate encroachment removal

Some people raises concerns over Anti-Encroachment Drive...

Anti-Encroachment Drive

Udaipur’s government is actively engaged in Anti-Encroachment Drive and are stopping people from building in the wrong places. They are using bulldozers to remove these illegal constructions across different parts of the city. Even though the government is doing this to reduce traffic jams in the city, some business owners in the area are upset and against it. 

Last Thursday, the city's busiest Delhi Gate intersection saw the Municipal Corporation taking steps to clear unauthorized structures. They brought bulldozers and cranes to remove signs, stairs, and sheds outside shops. Yesterday, the Municipal Corporation team took away things like stairs and platforms that were not allowed, from the area where the bank and shops meet.

Food cart businesses next to the District Collector's house in the city are still running openly. The city's bulldozer isn't able to remove the things these businesses put there. People in the area complained a lot, but nothing happened yet. They are hoping their requests will be listened to. 

Udaipur is a popular tourist spot and when visitors bring their cars, it is hard for them to find space on the roads. This leads to long traffic jams and inconvenience. To solve this, the city is working consistently to ease traffic problems for both residents and tourists. 


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